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P.S. 130 Manhattan

Hernando Desoto School

Welcome to P.S. 130! Our sincerest gratitude to all of you for your continued support of P.S. 130 Manhattan! Our success wouldn't be possible without each and every one of you. There's always a deep sense of joy and pride when our children take center stage. When the spotlight is on our children each and every day and we focus on doing the best that we can to empower our students so that they can succeed, then the magic is able to continue to happen at P.S. 130.

Kindergarten Virtual Orientation

Pre-K Virtual Orientation


2020 Virtual Talent Show

2019 Benefit Performers Collage

Make a difference by supporting

the Arts and Academic Excellence

for Our Children!

Our school fully embraces our vision: “Excellence in Education – Enrichment for all Children.”

We believe that all students have the right to an empowering education, as well as the opportunity to help shape our society as participatory citizens. We aim to be a diverse and inclusive community of students, families, and educators dedicated to the pursuit of learning. We strive to maintain a school culture rooted in hard work, respect, and responsibility, made possible by a positive, safe, nurturing, and inclusive learning environment. Not only do we provide inquisitive young minds with strong academics and a rigorous curriculum, but we also enrich and inspire their spirits with music, dance, and the visual arts. We have arts programs at every grade level from Pre-K to the Fifth Grade. Often, the confidence and discipline that students gain from the arts create a more positive attitude in their academic and social-emotional learning.


When an entire school community shares a common experience, it brings a greater sense of unity and a chance to emphasize the behaviors and habits of mind we hope to see exhibited by all. Here at PS 130, we hope to highlight positivity, respect, and social responsibility/responsiveness.

We are truly thankful to the tremendous amount of collaboration, dedication, enthusiasm, and support of all our parents, teachers, leaders, and community members.


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