Parental Controls & Restrictions

  • Mac OS X v10.5, 10.6: About the Parental Controls Internet content filter. Learn how to use the Parental Controls Internet content filter.


  • Mac OS Sierra: Set up parental controls


  • OS X El Capitan: Set up parental controls


  • OS X Yosemite: Set up parental controls


  • Parental Controls/Restrictions on iOS devices


  • Sign in to your Microsoft account to setup and manage your family's digital life across Windows PCs, Xbox, and mobile devices. Share what's important to you with your family.


  • Parental Controls in Windows XP


  • Set up family features on Windows 10


  • Set parental controls for Xbox 360


  • The Complete Guide to Setting Up Parental Controls In Windows.

This guide will cover all the aspects of Windows parental controls and how to set it up. It’s almost the same for Windows Vista and Windows 7, except for one or two changes which we would talk about.


  • What You Need To Know About Parental Controls


  • Parental Controls - Chrome


  • Parental Controls - Explorer


  • Parental Controls - Firefox


  • Parental Controls for Web & Game Access


  • Parental Controls YouTube


  • Google Safe Search


  • Parental Controls – PlayStation


  • How To Create a Family Friendly Ubuntu


 Credits to Ms. Radford, the computer teacher of PS20.