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A message update from NYU Dentistry

As of now, the current guidance from the DOE is that school-based dental programs will be permitted to begin providing services again in January 2021.  In the meantime, we are still your school-based dental provider and we want to stay connected to you and the families at your school. 

Here is what we’ve got planned:

1. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste - we have enough for every child, and someone from our team will drop them at your school for you to distribute however you see fit. Please let us know when the building will be open and when we can drop boxes with the security guard. 

2. Oral Health Education - we are available to provide virtual oral health education to parents, teachers, and children.  Our schedules are flexible. Please let us know if you are interested in scheduling this. 

3. Dental Care at NYU Dentistry - children who participated in our school-based programs are already patients of record at NYU Dentistry.  They may continue to get dental care at our pediatric dentistry clinic.  Children who were not previously enrolled in the school program are also welcome to contact our clinic to set up an appointment. Information is in the attached letter to parents.

Attached documents:

Please distribute the attached documents to the families at your school, on paper or electronically.  You may also add them as a resource on your website! 

1. Letter to parents explaining that our program is postponed and information on how to setup an appointment at NYU (available in english, chinese)

2. Toothbrushing Handout (available in english, chinese)

We hope to hear from you soon (and see you in person!)

Thank you!


NYU Dentistry Parent Letter_Fall 2020 Ch
Download • 726KB
Toothbrushing Handout_Chinese
Download PDF • 990KB
Toothbrushing Handout_Spanish
Download PDF • 884KB
toothbrushing handout_English
Download PDF • 885KB

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