These programs are designed to help children who are struggling or need special attention in school.  Children are selected according to need.  Some of the programs are offered for specific times of the year:

  • After school Extended School Day Program (for children on grades 3, 4, and 5 who scored a level 1 or 2 on the state tests)
  • One-Day Saturday Institute for ELA Test Prep – (for all Grade 4 children)
  • Small group reading and/or math instruction (for children on all grades who need help)


In order to provide a well-rounded educational experience for the children, we have provided a variety of arts programs throughout the grades targeting specific age-appropriate motor, communication and language skills. Every child on each grade receives the program described for the grade. The programs listed are in addition to our in-house music and art teachers.

  • Pre-K and K: Inside Broadway (theater and music)
  • 1st Grade: National Dance Institute (dance)
  • 2nd Grade: Inside Broadway (theater and music)
  • 3rd Grade: Third Street Music School In-School Violin Program (instrumental music)
  • 4th Grade: National Dance Institute (dance)
  • 5th Grade: (Spring) Rosie’s Broadway Kids Theater Program (theater and vocal music)
  • 5th Grade: (Fall) American Ballroom Dancing Classrooms Program (dance)

Also available to children is the Young People’s Chorus (children audition in 3rd Grade and can continue through 5th Grade), our school’s chorus and our school’s fife and drum corps (both of which is for all children to join after school, if they wish, for Grades 3, 4 and 5).